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Intensive Vehicle Inspection Service

Before you buy that next vehicle have us check it out. Many cars look great on the outside but get traded in needing much in the way of maintenance or repairs. We will give you a comprehensive list of needed repairs and their cost so you can negotiate with the right information. Occasionally we let our customers know NOT to buy a particular car, thus saving thousands and a lot of headache and regret!!

Count on the experts at Pensacola Imports, Inc. when you’re in need of a complete vehicle inspection service. Our knowledgeable team will look for maintenance items needed or any potential issues such as:


• Oil Leaks

• Suspension Issues

• Tire Wear

• Brake Wear



• Transmission Leaks

• A/C Operation

• Coolant Leaks

• Check Engine Lights

Mechanic Checking Oil - Vehicle Inspection

Contact us today to assess your car(s) through our vehicle inspection service.